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Our workshops are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. All of our workshops are fun, informative and inclusive and give participants the chance to learn new skills, gain confidence, interact with others and explore ideas of creativity. Here are some of the things we can do with your group;

We are models
Often used as an ice-breaker or warm up activity We are models is a quick and easy way to teach participants the basics of how animation works. Participants star as models in a short piece of animation which encourages everyone to relax, have a bit of fun and get used to how stop motion animation works. It also helps us to learn the names of people in the group and work out group dynamics!

Animated Stories
This, our most popular workshop type, uses a variety of techniques to encourage participants to develop and plan a short storyline. Characters, backgrounds, props and narrative are designed and made using a wide range of craft materials. The story is then animated by participants using our rostrum cameras (a fancy word for overhead camera!). Sound can be recorded and added to complete the film.

Animation Machines
Zoetropes, flick books, shadow puppets and optical & kinetic toys all make up the rich history of animation and its origins. In this workshop participants learn about the history of how animation began and the principles of how animation works. A variety of activities can follow on and form part of this workshop;
Participants can make their own flick books and toys or make kinetic machines from junk.
We have zoetropes for participants to draw their own animation strips which can be developed further using our rostrum cameras. Participants can also make clay models on our big revolving zoetrope machine and use a strobe light to see their models come to life.
Groups can work together to develop a story for a shadow play where they either design and make shadow puppets and a puppet theatre or make costumes and dress up to make shadows using themselves behind a giant screen.
Participants can have fun using our remote controlled ‘drawing vehicles’ to make giant pictures on the floor.
The activities in this workshop are suitable for all ages and abilities but are particularly suited to groups who might find detailed work difficult (the very young or disabled) or have limited time. The activities are suitable for drop in or family workshops.

Evolving Animation
This activity can run alongside other workshops or works well as a drop in activity. A large paper background is set up on a wall with a camera in front on a tripod. Participants are encouraged to draw on the background in a series of stages which are captured on camera. Participants are free to spend as little or as long on this activity as they want and the emphasis is on a collaborative approach in which a great many people can take part. The captured images are put together and when played back show an animation of the creation of the combined drawing which grows and changes before your eyes.

Any films made are stored and edited using Stop Motion Pro software and are made available to participants to see after the workshops on the internet. DVDs of animations can also be made at a small extra charge. All workshops are risk assessed and materials and equipment are provided as part of our fee.

Claire and Anna’s backgrounds in gallery education mean that they put emphasis on the learning opportunities and benefits of the entire process of the animation, not just the end product. This means that participants gain the richest possible learning experience. We believe participants can gain the following at our workshops;

Learn how to animate
Learn and improve craft, drawing and painting skills
Learn creative approaches to story making and telling
Learn about a broad range of subjects including history, maths, science and philosophy
Improve motor skills
Learn team work and social skills
Gain confidence
Find out about working in the animation industry.

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